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NEW - RollMover™ RX

Featuring a New Smaller Design for Increased Mobility and a New Power Profile, Appleton’s RollMover™ RX is a Powerful Roll Pusher in a Tiny Package!

Appleton’s New RollMover™ RX Roll Pusher further builds on Appleton’s legacy of continually developing innovative, performance-enhancing material handling products for the converting industry. 

  • Powered by a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery for long use
  • Smaller & lighter - easier to handle & maneuver
  • Torque increased by 35%

Despite the smaller size, the RollMover™ RX remains robust in design. The RollMover™ RX was designed with operator ergonomics, facility space restrictions, and increased productivity in mind resulting in Appleton's easiest-to-use RollMover™ product to date!

RollMover™ RX’s new power profile offers an increased capacity to move rolls up to 8000 lbs. across a flat floor or up to 5500 lbs. into transitions (varies by application). With a roll diameter range of 16” to 60”, RollMover RX offers the ability to move a greater range of rolls than ever before.

The rugged steel frame construction of the RollMover™ RX is not only compact in it's design, but allows for easy operator mobility with the new, ergonomic base.

Product Information


  • New, ergonomic mover base design allows for increased mobility and productivity.
  • Compact Design: No protruding chain or motor guards to get in the way.
  • Smaller and lighter than the RollMover SD with 35% more torque.
  • Capacity: Up to 8,000 lbs rolls on a flat floor; Up to 5,500 lbs into a transition. (Varies by application)
  • Roll Diameters: 16” to 60”. Capability to push smaller rolls than prior RollMover models.
  • Rugged steel frame construction
  • On/Off switch on swivel handle
  • Variable speed Twist Grip Throttle
  • Quick Charging 24V Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery