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Redesigned RollMover™ HD

The latest update to a product line that has been industry-proven for over fifteen years, the RollMover™ HD features a new ergonomic design that results in a "lighter in the hand" product than previous models. The RollMover™ HD also features a state-of-the-art lithium iron phosphate battery and a high-visibility, rugged steel design. Versatile and highly maneuverable, it moves heavy loads safely and easily. The RollMover™ HD is designed to easily and quickly move paper rolls, wire reels and vehicle chassis. Don’t limit where you can use it, if it’s round the RollMover™ HD can move it.

The redesigned RollMover™ HD is one of the most ergonomic RollMover™ designs Appleton has ever released. It is extremely light in the hand and much easier to move than prior models.



The Appleton RollMover™ is safer, more efficient, easier-to-use, and more economical alternative to air-powered roll pushers.

What can the RollMover™ help you move?

Air-powered roll movers are neither safe nor cost efficient

Product Information

The RollMover™ HD Increases Safety and Drives Productivity

  • Rugged, high-visibility ergonomic design increases worker safety and improves mobility and productivity
  • Quick-charge and easy-to-change high-performance 36V Long-life Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
  • Compact size and excellent maneuverability
  • Adjustable speed control
  • Full forward and reverse

The RollMover™ HD features a State-of-the-Art Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery that offers real-time feedback. Every RollMover™ HD is supplied with a high-performance, Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Pack. The battery pack is ergonomic and easy-to-hold and carry. Appleton’s Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Pack charges fast, holds a longer-lasting charge and offers more charging cycles over its life than other batteries. The plug-and-go battery charger with LED display will charge your battery anywhere there is 110V power.

The RollMover™ HD Keeps Workers Safe

The RollMover™ HD is a heavy-duty tool for the toughest environments, but still light enough to be easily maneuvered by workers. The battery-operated RollMover™ HD increases worker productivity and encourages safe work practices.

Risk-Free Demo of the RollMover™ HD

Contact us and we will ship a RollMover™ HD to your location. Use it for a limited time with no obligation to buy. See for yourself how its mobility, ease of use and overall design improves safety and productivity. Conditions apply, contact Appleton for more information.

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