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Appleton offers a wide array of safe and productive material slabbing solutions. Our popular Safe-Slab™ core recycler that automatically removes leftover roll material so cores can be re-used and scrap material recycled easily. Appleton is also known for our integrated slabbing and material removal systems that will automatically load rolls, slab material, and remove the material to recycling containers or lines.

Appleton Slabbing Solutions
Appleton slabbing machines can be installed as a standalone operation or to function with existing workflows to provide seamless integration capable of providing a high level of automation. Each machine can work with various materials such as:
• Paper
• Film
• Foil
• Plastic

Slabbing Safety Features
Safety is a top concern, so we have introduced features in our available slabbing machines to keep you and your team out of harm’s way. For instance, in our Master Roll Safe-Slab, Safety is achieved by placing the blade and cutting area within an enclosure that requires no direct interaction from the operator. Once the master roll is loaded onto the slabbing arm, the operator simply presses a button, and the roll is lifted into cutting position. Not only does this keep your team members safe, but it also improves efficiency through the automated cutting mechanism of the machine that can achieve a higher pace of precise cutting than manual cutting with utility knives can provide.

Interested in learning more about our slabbing solutions? Contact us to learn more about how Appleton slabbing products can improve your business.
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