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Butt and Master Roll Slabbers

Product Information

Butt Roll Safe-Slab™

The Butt Roll Safe-Slab™ offers a safe, productive and hands free slabbing solution for butt rolls. Machine operators are removed from the cutting process and slabbing occurs within a wire mesh enclosure. The Butt Roll Safe-Slab™ features interlocking doors for added safety. The slabbing is performed by the automated cutting mechanism and is activated by the operator via push button control. The operator only has to load the butt roll onto the slabbing arm, the rest of the slabbing process is controlled via the externally mounted operator control panel.


  • Hands free, push button activated slabbing
  • Wire mesh enclosure for added safety
  • Interlocking doors
  • Cut headers in half for easier disposal
  • Externally mounted operator control panel

Roll Size Specifications [Contact Us for Larger Sizes]

This machine can be modified to fit your needs, the specifications below are merely examples of capabilities that have already been achieved.

  • Max Roll Size: 12” OD x 64” L
  • Max Roll WT: 100 lbs
  • Core Wall Thickness: 3/8”, 1/2” or 5/8” (operator selectable)
  • Max Header Diameter: 61”

Master Roll Safe-Slab™

The Master Roll Safe-Slab™ can be installed as a standalone operation or to function with existing workflows to provide seamless integration capable of providing a high level of automation. Safety is achieved by placing the blade and cutting area within an enclosure that requires no direct interaction from the operator. Once the master roll is loaded onto the slabbing arm, the operator simply presses a button and the roll is lifted into cutting position. The Master Roll Safe-Slab’s automated cutting mechanism can achieve a higher pace of precise cutting than manual cutting with utility knives can provide.

The overall design parameters of the Master Roll Safe-Slab™ can be modified to fit a wide variety of installation needs. Changes can be made to the cutting process to accommodate a variety of materials as well as differing capacities.

The Master Roll Safe-Slab™ consists of:

  • Conveyor for loading and moving rolls onto the slabbing arm
  • Laser mounted onto slabbing arm to assist with roll positioning
  • Precision and programmed vertical lifting of roll for each cutting pass
  • Fully guarded and interlocked cutting area
  • Programmable cutting device mounted at top of enclosed cutting area
  • Exit conveyor or elevator for moving waste material to downstream processes
  • Externally mounted operator control panel

Roll Size Specifications [Contact Us for Larger Sizes]

  • O.D. = 18" - 64"
  • Length = 10" - 130"
  • Roll Weight = 100 to 4000 lbs


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