Who is Appleton Mfg. Division?

Appleton Mfg. Division, Productive Solutions, Inc. was formed in 1994 when the management team of Menasha Corporation’s Appleton Mfg. Division purchased the assets of the core cutter business. For a complete history of Appleton, go to The Appleton Story.

Why should I buy from Appleton?

Appleton builds equipment that meets your needs. We use a series of standardized chassis, adding pre-designed modules to provide the capabilities you need to get your job done effectively. If we don’t have a module that performs the function you require, our engineers design it and add it to our tool basket. Our equipment is robust and built to last. If that is not enough, we support every machine we have ever built, and that goes back over 60 years!

Why do cores need to be cut?

Fiber and plastic cores are produced in continuous lengths, cut to convenient handling lengths at the end of the process. Cores usually need to be re-cut to lengths that match the slit widths of the web that will be wound onto them. This re-cutting can be done by the core vendor or by the user. More often than not, the user can benefit from both a cost and overall efficiency standpoint by cutting their own core requirements in house.

What is the advantage of cutting my own cores?

User re-cutting offers the benefits of greater inventory versatility, quick adjustment to schedule changes and minimal obsolescence. Frequently the user will find that their cost of core procurement drops when they buy longer parent cores and re-cut them to the lengths they need.

How does an Appleton Cutter work?

Appleton cutters fall into two design families.

The Universal Series Cutters (S210, A301, and P510) are mandrel machines. The parent core is slid onto a mandrel, advanced to the cut length required, rotated and cut. The core rotation is provided by a drive shaft internal to the mandrel. The drive shaft powers a clutch (head jaws) that expands to grip the internal surface of the core. The cutting action is typically provided by a fixed knife blade that advances, slicing through the core. A carbide pad provides backing for the inner ply of the core, minimizing ply tear and ID neck-down. The fixed knife provides a clean, burnished cut with virtually no dust. (Appleton does offer free wheeling, driven and drag knife options.)

The second design group (MDHS and P610) provides core rotation by gripping the end of the parent core. Again a fixed knife is most often used to slice through the core. A cutting pad supports the inner ply of the core. This design is used where a number of internal diameters are cut on a regular basis as diameter change requires only a couple of minutes.

How much space is required?

Space requirements vary by model and by configuration. Most pre-cut core users find that they can reduce the floor space dedicated to cores by re-cutting in-house. Contact an Appleton Sales Representative for more information on space requirements and layouts.

How do I order parts?

Parts for any Appleton cutter can be obtained by calling 920-751-1555 or via Contact Us. Before you contact us, have the following information:

  • Model
  • Serial Number
  • Part needed or area of machine where part is located

We have several programs to help you identify what you need. For more information view Parts and Service.

Do you have field service?

To get you back in service quickly, we will first try to resolve your issues by phone. If required, Appleton Service Technicians are available to come to your facility to troubleshoot and repair, or to train your staff. Call us at 920-751-1555 or see Contact Us.

What are showers?

Appleton showers are multi-nozzle stainless steel manifolds used to deliver a liquid spray to a process application. Typically these manifolds include an internal rotating brush that cleans the manifold and the nozzles to ensure consistent performance. Appleton showers are used on Paper Machines and Belt Presses.

How do I decide what core cutter I need?

The first step is deciding what you want to do. The Core Cutter Needs Analysis Form is designed to help you organize your project and submit that information to us. Your Appleton Sales Representative will use the information to assist you in specifying equipment. Visit Core Cutters for an overview of the basic units available from Appleton.

The next step is determining the economics of your choice. Your Appleton Sales Representative can assist you with templates for determining your investment return.

How do I get a price?

Complete a contact form on any of our product pages or our contact page with as much information as you can provide. Your Appleton Sales Representative will provide a quotation for the equipment that best meets your needs.

How do I order?

Submit a purchase order to:

By Fax: 920-751-1525

By Phone: 920-751-1555

By Mail:

Appleton Mfg. Division

P.O. Box 618

Neenah, WI 54957-0618

For Core Machinery orders include:

Banking and Credit information

Your core specification

Forms for both can be downloaded or provided by your Appleton Sales Representative.

For Parts orders:

Contact Us via the method you prefer. For machinery parts, please have the model and serial numbers available.

Where are you located?

Appleton Mfg. Division is located at 1025 Breezewood Lane, Neenah, Wisconsin, U.S.A. Neenah is in the eastern portion of Wisconsin, 45 minutes south of Green Bay and 1-1/2 hours north of Milwaukee on Highway 41.

Highway 41 is one of the primary North-South routes in Eastern Wisconsin. The exit to our location is the first exit for Neenah if you are northbound. The exit is labeled Breezewood / Bell. After exiting, proceed west on Breezewood. We are the third building west of the frontage road, located on the north side of the Breezewood.

Our location puts us in the Central Time Zone.