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Appleton Shower Systems

Product Information

Belt Press

Belt Press Shower Systems

These 1-1/2 to 2 inch showers incorporate internal cleaning brushes to provide uninterrupted service during cleaning. Appleton has developed a 360 degree adjustable discharge housing to minimize both the number of shower designs and the inventories that OEMs need to maintain.

Corrosion Resistant & Designed for your Press

The shower is fabricated of 304L or 316L stainless steel pipe and 316 stainless steel castings. The nozzles are formed from stainless steel as well. Our engineers use your pressure requirements and spray distance information to establish nozzle spacing that will provide uniform coverage for thorough belt cleaning, utilizing Appleton's infinitely variable spray angle technology.


Paper Mill

Paper Mill Showers

The Appleton Shower System is a simple, foolproof shower system that works. Experience has taught us that complex nozzles and cleaning devices may work well in the lab and fall flat in the "real world" of the paper mill. The Appleton Shower System has been proven through years of mill service. Our design formula is straight-forward. Special designs include reverse flow, for those applications where supply and discharge are on the same end of the machine.

Quality Material & Design

The shower piping is typically 304L or 316L stainless steel, though more exotic grades are used when the application requires them. Your application determines the specific grade. The castings are all 316 stainless. The nozzles are also stainless steel. The Appleton Shower System is designed for the paper mill environment. Pipe sizes are dictated by water pressure, volume and machine width. Available sizes include 1-½ and 2 inch I.D.s.


Shower System Auto Rotator™

AutoRotator™ for Appleton Shower Systems

  • Solves the problem of operators having to periodically "crank" the cleaning rod to keep nozzles flowing freely
  • Shaft and cleaning brushes positioned inside the shower pipe scrub pipe and nozzles clean after each valve opening
  • Cleaning intervals can also be preset or adjusted as needed by the operator
  • A single button on the AutoRotator™ activates a "manual" cleaning cycle
  • The AutoRotator™ can be retrofitted onto existing Appleton Shower Systems

Simple Installation

The Appleton AutoRotator™ can be mounted to any 1-1/2" to 2" Appleton Adjustable Angle Shower - either with a new shower installation or as a field upgrade. The actuator mounts to the shower with 3 existing fasteners. Your water system plumbing and shower mounting remain unchanged.

Optimal Safety

The Appleton AutoRotator™ design separates the electrical controls from the actuator. The control panel can be remotely located, away from the wet machine environment, and at a point convenient for the operator.

PLC Controlled

The AutoRotator™ PLC is pre-programmed for the cleaning cycle, making the system completely automatic.

System Requirements

The Appleton AutoRotator™ requires a 1-1/2" to 2" Appleton Internal Brush Shower and:

110VAC, 7 amp service


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