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Appleton Side Load Slabber

Dramatically reduces cut and strain injuries! Increases efficiency in slabbing operations!

Appleton’s latest standard addition to their Slabber Product Line, the Side Load Slabber is designed to remove wound material rolls using a fixed, circular knife. This semi-automatic system relies on the operator to manually align and load a shafted butt roll into the shaft holders, initiate the automated slabbing process, and unload the shaft once slabbing is complete. This system will automatically cut plies of material from the roll with the option for “pause and peel” functionality.


Product Information

Featuring a number of safety features and built upon a time-proven design, Appleton’s newest addition to their popular line of slabbers, the Side Load Slabber is a self-enclosed, semi-automatic circular blade solution that dramatically increases the safety and efficiency of slabbing operations.

Operation is easy. The operator simply loads the roll into the Side Load Slabber and then starts the slabbing process. The automated circular knife makes multiple passes over the roll cutting the material. Once the slabbing is complete, the operator safely removes the shaft and core from the system.

Appleton Side Load Slabber is a dramatically safer option to a traditionally dangerous procedure. This automated cutting solution removes operators from the dangers of manual slabbing. Eliminate the dangerous cut and strain hazards of manual knife slabbing. Additional safety features also included the protective enclosure and multiple electronic sensors that will stop the Side Load Slabber should an operator enter the cutting area.


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