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Automated Core Cutting Systems

Machine List

  • Can be added to existing A300 & A400 Series or older Model D Appleton Core Cutters
  • Programmable models feature Allen-Bradley brand controls from Rockwell Automation

P510 Programmable Core Cutter (Recommended)

The P510 core cutter is a programmable core cutter that uses an Allen Bradley 1100 PLC with Panel View Plus 600 or can be upgraded to an Allen-Bradley SLC500 PLC control package.

A301 Automatic Core Cutter (Entry Level)

The A301 core cutter offers basic automation. It is manually or automatically loaded, with electric powered core feed and an air powered fixed knife.

P610 Automatic Core Cutter (XL Core Diameter)

The P610 core cutter is designed for users with a large variety of diameters, very large diameters, or very long cores. It can handle 3" ID to 24" ID cores and is available in lengths to 30 feet.

MDHS Core Cutter (Multi-Diameter High Speed)

The MDHS core cutter is a Multi-Diameter High Speed core cutter for quick ID change overs. It features a chucked core for cut length accuracy and two opposed knives providing rapid cutting even when a free wheeling blade is used.

Appleton Automation™

Major Components of Appleton Automation

  • Automation Consultation – An examination of your core cutting goals, current processes and machinery along with budgetary requirements to determine which Appleton Automation™ solution is right for you. As customer requirements vary, Appleton Mfg. Division will design a solution that fits your needs.
  • Core Cutter – Automated core cutting is available with our A301 & A400 Series Core Cutters, programmable P510 & P610 Core Cutters and our MDHS Core Cutter. Automation can also be added to existing A300 Series, A400 Series or older Model D Appleton Core Cutters.
  • Parent Core Handling – Parent cores are staged on tables or in hoppers and then fed to the Appleton AutoLoader™. Conveyor systems can be designed to assist in moving the cores from multiple sources to the tables or hoppers for staging.
  • Appleton AutoLoader™ – The AutoLoader™ receives the parent core from the table or hopper and loads it on the core cutter. The AutoLoader™ can be purchased as part of a new core cutting system or added to many existing Appleton core cutters by changing the existing control panel to the new control package.
  • Cut Core Handling – Trim and butt waste can be automatically separated from the cut cores. Cut cores can be discharged as they are cut, or accumulated for a single transfer to an accumulator table or conveyer. We can provide cut core handling systems with both side and end discharge to load bins and shafts.


Get More Done with Fewer Resources
Appleton Automation™ provides:

  • Lowered production costs.
  • Use of fewer resources to get more done.
  • Increased flexibility in controlling production.
  • Ability to easily handle complex production runs.
  • Ability to control your core cutting systems with the touch of a finger.
  • Custom or semi-custom solutions designed to fit your needs.
  • Automation for the Appleton Core Cutter you already own.

Appleton Automation™ Consultation

No commitments, no hassles...just an honest assessment of how automation can help you get the most out of your core cutting operations. Appleton Mfg. Division has an experienced staff of Engineers and Mechanical Designers who can solve even the most complex automated core cutting and handling challenges.

Appleton AutoLoader™

The Appleton AutoLoader™ offers flexibility in bringing automated efficiencies to any core cutting operation. It provides a modular approach to expanding system automation for all aspects of core handling – from parent core loading to cut core conveyance.

The AutoLoader™ helps you reduce labor costs while improving productivity

  • Feed parent cores from fixed or mobile core hoppers
  • Feed and cut cores to any combination of exact target lengths
  • Accumulate and/or sort cut cores
  • Distribute cut cores
  • Divert butt waste

Easily Integrated with your Appleton Core Cutter

The AutoLoader™ control module can be readily integrated with all current Appleton Core Cutter models. Existing A300, A400 Series and certain other models can be upgraded to take advantage of the AutoLoader™.

Core Handling

Parent and Cut Core Handling

Available as part of a new installation or upgrade to an existing installation.

Parent Core Handling – automated systems can handle cores as long as 30 ft.

  • Moving parent cores from different locations to the core cutting area
  • Staging parent cores for loading onto the core cutter
  • Loading parent core onto core cutter using the Appleton AutoLoader™
  • Loading to winders and loading/unloading of core carts
  • Vertical core transporting to different floors

Cut Core Handling – automated systems to collect and/or distribute cut cores

  • Cut core conveyance/distribution
  • Trim/waste diverters and conveyors
  • Sorting by diameter, length and/or cut set
  • Collection box handling, from set-up to closure, labeling and transfer
  • Loading into rewinders
  • Printing cut length and set sequence on each core


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