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ReelMover™ HD

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The Appleton ReelMover™ is safer, more efficient, easier-to-use and more economical alternative to air-powered roll pushers.

  • Reduces need for compressed air -- every 10 psi decrease can save 5% in energy cost
  • Convenient and lightweight, encouraging safer work practices
  • Recharges for pennies – saving money with the very first roll
  • Air-tethered reel and roll movers are cumbersome to use, encouraging workers to dangerously push large loads by hand and risk personal injury


What can the ReelMover™ help you move?

  • Large reels or rolls of wire, conduit, cable, rope, cord. etc.
  • Large reels or rolls of conduit, tubing, hose, etc.
  • If it rolls, the ReelMover™ can push it safely and efficiently.


Air-powered roll movers are neither safe nor cost efficient

  • Air-powered reel and roll movers can consume 10 times their cost in compressed air
  • A 1/8" air leak can cost up to $2,000 per year and compressed air systems can leak as much as 50%
  • Air hoses on the floor are a safety risk to every worker 


The Appleton ReelMover™ is a battery-powered reel and roll pusher and mover that is perfect for increasing productivity and ensuring worker safety whenever heavy loads need to be moved.


Move heavy reels and rolls safely and easily with the ReelMover™ HD

  • NEW State-of-the-Art Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
  • High-Visibility, Ergonomic Design
  • Rugged design for tough environments
  • Use the ReelMover™ HD to move Reels of up 20 tons!


The latest update to a product line that has been Industry-proven for over fifteen years, the ReelMover™ HD features a new, State-of-the-Art Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery and a high-visibility, rugged steel ergonomic design. Versatile and highly maneuverable, it moves heavy loads safely and easily. The ReelMover™ HD is designed to easily and quickly move wire, cable, tubing and hose reels. Don’t limit where you can use it, if it rolls the ReelMover™ HD can move it.

Test the Appleton ReelMover™ HD risk free!
An on-site demo offers unique advantages

  • See firsthand how easy the ReelMover™ HD is to operate, maneuver and control
  • Get input from users about how the ReelMover™ HD helps them work faster and safer
  • Examine the ReelMover™ HD's quality construction and perfect balance right before your eyes
  • Experience just how easy it is to remove and recharge the battery pack
  • See how the ReelMover™ HD's ease of use invites worker utilization and helps reduce worker injury

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