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IP65 CartMover™

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IP65 CartMover™ for Food or Pharmaceutical Mfg. and other Wash-down Environments

Already in use by some of the largest Food and Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, the IP65 CartMover™ is field tested and production ready.

  • A modified Standard Duty CartMover™
  • Capacity: 100 lbs - 20,000 lbs*
  • Constructed from Stainless Steel
  • Internal "fender" around drive roller to deflect splash up
  • Sealed speed controller housing
  • Sealed controls in handlebar
  • Duty rated motor and gearbox
  • Duty rated electrical connectors on harnesses

*Depending on environmental conditions.
Contact Appleton Mfg. Division for details.

Test the IP65 CartMover™ risk free!
An on-site demo offers unique advantages

  • See firsthand how easy the IP65 CartMover™ is to operate, maneuver and control
  • Get input from users about how the IP65 CartMover™ helps them work faster and safer
  • Examine the IP65 CartMover's quality construction and perfect balance right before your eyes
  • Experience just how easy it is to remove and recharge the battery pack
  • See how the IP65 CartMover's ease of use invites worker utilization and helps reduce worker injury

The image below is a partial representation of available hitches for the Appleton CartMover™ and IP65 CartMover™. These options are suitable for most applications, however, we can fabricate a hitch to suit your needs and application. Contact Appleton Mfg. Division for more details.

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