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ReelMover™ LR

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The Appleton ReelMover™ is safer, more efficient, easier-to-use and more economical alternative to air-powered roll pushers.

  • Reduces need for compressed air -- every 10 psi decrease can save 5% in energy cost
  • Convenient and lightweight, encouraging safer work practices
  • Recharges for pennies – saving money with the very first roll
  • Air-tethered reel and roll movers are cumbersome to use, encouraging workers to dangerously push large loads by hand and risk personal injury


What can the ReelMover™ help you move?

  • Large reels or rolls of wire, conduit, cable, rope, cord. etc.
  • Large reels or rolls of conduit, tubing, hose, etc.
  • If it rolls, the ReelMover™ can push it safely and efficiently.


Air-powered roll movers are neither safe nor cost efficient

  • Air-powered reel and roll movers can consume 10 times their cost in compressed air
  • A 1/8" air leak can cost up to $2,000 per year and compressed air systems can leak as much as 50%
  • Air hoses on the floor are a safety risk to every worker 


The Appleton ReelMover™ is a battery-powered reel and roll pusher and mover that is perfect for increasing productivity and ensuring worker safety whenever heavy loads need to be moved.  


ReelMover™ LR

  • Same features as Heavy Duty but with larger, contoured roller
  • Large, contoured drive wheel design allows for damage-free moving material loads weighing up to 20,000 lbs.
  • The large drive roller provides an expanded surface area that helps eliminate any "wheel sink" that might allow the mover chassis to contact and damage the roll surface
  • The contoured wheel profile eliminates any "edge of wheel" marking and the higher apex of wheel-to-reel contact also helps prevent the mover from being pinned underneath the load

Test the ReelMover™ LR risk free!
An on-site demo offers unique advantages

  • See firsthand how easy the ReelMover™ LR is to operate, maneuver and control
  • Get input from users about how the ReelMover™ LR helps them work faster and safer
  • Examine the ReelMover's quality construction and perfect balance right before your eyes
  • Experience just how easy it is to remove and recharge the battery pack
  • See how the ReelMover's ease of use invites worker utilization and helps reduce worker injury

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