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Performance Tuning & Maintenance Contracts

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Appleton Mfg. Division offers Performance Tuning and Maintenance (PTM) check-ups direct from the experts who make the equipment. During these regularly-scheduled performance maintenance and tuning sessions, Appleton’s team of experts will come to your plant for a comprehensive, hands-on tune-up – complete with recommendations, adjustments, repairs, and training. With an extensive multi-point inspection, the PTM team ensures that your core cutter is operating at optimal performance for the highest level of output and cut quality, not to mention extended life of equipment and parts, and reduced costs.

By scheduling two or more performance maintenance and tuning appointments annually, you will qualify for significantly reduced service rates of between 15 and 50%.

You may be operating with a reduction in personnel or working shorter weeks. A service contract allows you to more efficiently allocate personnel. You can put your maintenance staff to work on other critical plant issues secure in the knowledge that Appleton will be handling your core cutter related maintenance. The Appleton Service Contract can free up your maintenance staff to work on your other plant projects.

Your maintenance will include the following performance tuning steps:

  • Visual assessment of the machine and all moving parts
  • Complete documentation of any recommendations and machine issues or concerns
  • In-depth inspection of the cutter, paying close attention to wear on key components
  • Repair and tuning of any machine issues, if possible without ordering parts
  • Comprehensive interview of operators to uncover any issues that need addressing
  • Additional operator and maintenance staff training per customer request
  • Replacing of any worn or damaged components bringing machine back to maximum productivity and efficiency
  • Full safety inspection to be sure that the equipment is in safe operating condition and that guarding is in place
  • Recommendation of parts to stock on site to minimize potential downtime
  • Exit meeting to discuss the tune-up, review recommendations, and present machine analysis
  • Complete report summarizing details of the visit and recommendations

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